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Engagement Shoot: A and C at Brixton East earlier today

I think this has to be one of my favourite shots of the year so far. The expressions, the colours, the venue, the beauty of the subjects, the bridge, windows, cupboards, the London bus, the light, her hair, their posture, the fact of their being in love... Yep, it's a contender.

The Malachites at The Geffrye Museum

"If music be the food of love, play on."
Claire-Monique Martin will be in The Malachites forthcoming production of Shakespeare's 12th Night at The Geffrye Museum, London in a couple or weeks. This is an outtake from the shoot we pulled together at the museum earlier this week.

Jake and Dinos Chapman

I've always disliked the Chapman brothers, supposed "artists", and I've never fully understood why, but I might be starting to get a handle on it. My dislike of their "work" was today piqued by an article in The Guardian where they talked about the fire that destroyed one of their pieces, Hell. I ought to leave them alone, just forget about them, but like a painful rotting tooth I can't help but dig about in the hole that is their 'art', causing myself annoyance and anguish in the process. Here, then, is Dinos Chapman talking about the destruction of Hell:

"Jake and I decided beforehand that we were going to make a monstrous failure. It was intentionally unmagnificent and unrewarding. We used the most pathetic way of representing the thing that has most exorcised western civilisation...I’m quite glad the original burnt because it wasn’t very well made. It was clumsy and inaccurate...We would’ve been in the studio for those two years anyway,…

King Lear: The Fool

May not an ass know when the cart draws the horse?

Lady Macbeth

The raven himself is hoarse That croaks the fatal entrance of Duncan  Under my battlements. Come, you spirits  That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here,  And fill me from the crown to the toe topful  Of direst cruelty!

The Lake Twins

Trinity? Not this time. In the future Or perhaps not ever Too much time Difference.
Only connect He said. Only connect. Simple, when It happens. But Unfakeable.



What?  Did you expect? And now, afterwards Do you agree? Did you find  What you were looking for? Surely You must have known?
Frankly, I didn't. No. I didn't. I'm still looking. Not seeing Yet

In the Garden

Yeah, this one again. Self-Portrait (Missing)

DB in Mach, Re-worked


And did you, then, like me,  Think of us that summertime All those years ago Warm beach days No thing but Pippin and Tog To play, and dad still well? 
Me to you to you to me and  Whoops! Start again. Me to you Later chocolate chewing gum - who knew? On the bedpost overnight.  You to me and one day No more. Smoothed over. Night.

Chicken Shed, Leighton Estate

WMF 2015

Finding majesty In the everyday. Under the surface Springs magic. Don't believe? Let go.

Rowan at The Fork Deli

Spare Room

The light, the shadows, the texture of the quilt, the colours, the natural vignetting, the plugs, the lamps, the stillness, the elegiac air, the anonymity...

Baristas, Fork Deli, King's Cross, London