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Welshpool Music Festival

At a recent Wedding




Aleatory, solipsistic activity no. 21: Death, sex and shopping trolleys

Well, that was fun. Some points:
1. Technically? Not so hot but who cares - the images are interesting, IMHO anyway.
2. I couldn't see what I was getting so chance played a big role in these - more and more, I want to let chance in. Not in a Pollockesque kind of way where it rules, but where it plays a role alongside my own planning and input.
3. Colour! Yay!
4. More will no doubt follow - when I have to return the projector (it's on loan) I think I will have to buy my own.
5. No. 3 is my favourite.
6. Tattoos - I'm never likely to have one but these give me a new appreciation of them.

so, yeah, anyway


The Lake Twins

Wedding Stain

Barn Owl

A Midsummer Night's Dream in New Orleans: Rehearsals, Kew




I have thee not, and yet I see thee still

More People


Some People