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Welsh Winter Sunshine

Jane, Selsey

Selfie, Powis Castle

Horse in Winter Sunlight, Powis


So It Goes magazine no. 7

Continuing the series of photographs of photographs from the above magazine. Strange, but I can't help myself.


Maisy redux



On the set of Hamlet

Cornish Holiday Face

Maisy / Antigone



No, I don't know what the artifacts are on his arm and her abdomen. But I like them.

Space Travel I

At Fuckoffee, Bermondsey Street

A badly named cafe serving exceptionally good coffee.

Sickbed Photographs

My second day confined to bed by a gastric/cold type bug - I won't tell you the symptoms as that is up there with describing dreams. Anyway, be that as it may, here's some pictures taken from my bed - more interesting ones are not bound to follow.

We Are Cuts (pop-up)

Kew Gardens

Playing with Google's HDR software.


Maisy Taylor

James at the Zoo

Magazine 5: Creative Review December 2016

Continuing the series of photographs of photographs of magazines - double exposures taken using a Fuji X-Pro2. Sometimes I draw or rip or screw up as well, but not in the case of the above two pictures. I had some doubts about tearing up an expensive magazine but then I figured I only put them in recycling anyway so why not? Besides, playing with them is more fun than flicking through them, which I've generally done in any case by the time I get to making things like the above. I do worry that perhaps the pictures I make are not sufficiently far from the original pictures to warrant posting them on the web and sometimes I decide that they're too dependent on the original image for their meaning or their beauty and in those cases I won't post them; the ones on here are the ones that have made it through this filtering stage, though feel free to disagree with me in the comments if you think I'm blatantly ripping people off; on a bad day I'll sometimes even agree wit…

This is how it is Now

We Are Cuts pop-up, Best of British 2016


Elephant adjusted


The Lake Twins Twins Twins

Watching the Lake Twins at Work

The Beauty Myth?

Outside the Front Door - Saturday Morning in St Margarets

The Hive, Kew Gardens

An unexceptional photograph of an exceptional installation. More about it here. The artist, Wolfgang Buttress (what a name eh? Marvellous), has a website here wherein (whereon?) there is some gorgeous drone footage.

CMM redux

Pointless Images of Beauty no. 3

Reflections on Well Street

You may have seen this: 

The story is partly outlined by clickbaiter Jonathan Jones in the Guardian here. The photographer is Joel Goodman, and more of his work can be seen here. He's a very talented photographer, although he's described getting the above shot as simply being "in the right place at the right time". What's really interesting though is not whether the shot took skill and talent - of course it did - but whether, having been taken, it merits the plaudits it has earned, and in particular whether it is comparable to a Renaissance painting or other pieces of Serious Art. Seems spurious and a waste of time? Hmm.

Some thoughts:

1. It has caused outrage - from moral condemnation of the scene and characters depicted (decline of England, destruction of the West, fall of civilisation blah blah blah), to condemnation of the photographer for supposedly celebrating rowdiness and inebriation. But didn't this picture cause outrage once?

What''s more, …

Pointless Images of Beauty no. 2

Pointless Images of Beauty no. 1


Baristas - K

Drive - Port Magazine 19

Original Photos: Blair Getz Mezibov / Juno