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Red / Yellow


Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky [Short Film]

Red Cabbage

Photographer's Window, Delft

Coffee, Delft

Rotterdam Centraal

Rosedale Road

Hello. Crow, Kew Gardens.

Utah Saints - 'Something Good 08' (Official Video)

If we two...

Leftfield - Song Of Life (Betoko Remix)

Alan Watts & David Lindberg - Why Your Life Is Not A Journey


Italy, Summer 2017

In the Woods

Cabbage Leaf

Clouds and Scaffolding, South Bank, London

South Bank

The Single Image - does it ever work?

I tend to favour the single image in fact, not being a great raconteur.


Powis Castle Gardens


Ireland. Vaunt magazine #5 collage.



Joseph Hooker aka JLP at Kew Gardens

Red Kite


Sometimes, after a wedding, I play around with some of the photographs I've taken. They don't form a coherent set normally so I'm never sure what to do with them. Here's a few from a wedding earlier this year, for example.

Portrait: Ceri

At a recent wedding

With The Malachites at The Rose Theatre, South Bank, London: Richard III

Hercules Fisherman at We Are Cuts, Soho

At a Recent Wedding

... and a slightly earlier portrait

The Remarkable Mr Hooker of Kew Gardens, c. 1880

Luncheon Magazine mashup 3.4

By all means, use Dropbox

Go ahead, do it, use Dropbox. That way, you'll find out about the following features:

1. The rest of your internet doesn't work. Nothing. It all slows to a crawl. This despite you believing you have chosen settings that don't hog all your broadband: you haven't and it will.
2. Lack of speed. Despite taking up all your broadband, prepare yourself for multi-hour uploads and downloads. Sure, some of this is because of your crappy broadband speeds in rural wherever, but Dropbox isn't going to help you any in this regard - I don't know how or why they choose to make everything so slow, but that's their gameplan and they're sticking to it.
3. Notifications - they're great. I mean, you have a shared folder or fifty now that you have been using the system for a while - what you need is Dropbox telling you all about every single change to every single folder via annoying notifications on your desktop. Possibly there is a way of turning these off but see 1, a…

White Cube


In the Forest

Kew Greens

An amalgam of greens from photos taken at Kew Gardens today.

Robert Rubbish: Preview Night at We Are Cuts, Soho - a few of the attendees... this time in colour

Robert Rubbish: Preview Night at We Are Cuts, Soho - a few of the attendees...